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Winter 2014 Hostgator hosting discount up to 75% off

This discount is valid only on 2014, December 16 !

Seems like, Hostgator wants to offer discounted webhosting again this winter (Winter 2014)..

Just received an email from them:



If You missed this December 16 deal, just copy coupons mentioned on the top of this webpage. Good luck to U


Hello, if i add funds to my Namecheap account using paypal and then later want to withdraw them, is that possible to withdraw which way? can i withdraw to different account, different paypal address for sure? any fees, any FAQ article on this topic?


If you make a deposit with PayPal to your Namecheap funds and then want to withdraw the deposited sum a $0.99 fee will be deducted for this transaction. This amount will cover the fees charged by PayPal. Kindly be aware that PayPal may also apply an additional charge of 0.5% to 2% (depends on the destination) if you are a non-US recipient.

As a rule the money is refunded to the PayPal account from which the deposit has been made. We can issue a refund to another PayPal account in exceptional cases only.

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