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Affiliate marketing without a website?

Could you succeed in HostGator affiliate marketing without a website? The answer to that is that its better to have a web site instead of not. To simplify things, you can set up your first website and put in place the sales page, it can be a forum, personal website, blog as well. Once you have the website running, its time to join the HostGator affiliate program and the work began. Promote your website with a website is easier, you can divert traffic to your website. However, for some HostGator affiliate products, its best to redirect traffic directly on the site advertiser directly.

Promote your website with HostGator affiliate marketing, you can write articles and related stakeholders and submit to ezine sites, including footer link to your site instead. Use social networking to promote your website and products so, what are publishing your own videos on youtube etc. Put yourself in viral marketing, and bring web traffic from various sources. Besides these, you can SEO your site to to get a better ranking in the search engine placement. All of these can be done if you have your own website, so we said having a website is better and easier.

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