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Finding the Good Reseller Hosting service provider

Its hard to find a good hostgator reseller hosting provider service account. Shared web hosting had gone through a significant improvement in a short time, 10GB of storage 100GB of storage, and later 1000GB storage and now unlimited storage space. While reseller hosting is still stuck at 10 GB or a reseller hosting account reseller hosting 50 GB. A little increase in storage space will double or triple your price reseller hosting account. Precisely how to find the best reseller hosting account, or reseller hosting yet profitable business online start your own web hosting company.

When the word web hosting hostgator reseller, we should consider the costs and profit. If you purchase reseller hosting plan for $ 20 per month, you have to sell more than that each month to make a profit. Taking for example, hostgator hosting reseller package of 50 GB of storage cost you $ 29.95 per month. From this you can create 50 web hosting accounts, each with 1 GB of storage space and sell for $ 1 dollar per month. This is 50 million dollars in sales each month, and a net profit of $ 20 million after costing. Well, you make some money here. If you are able to reduce the size of the hosting package of 200 MB per account, and sell it for $ 1 dollar a month, then you can create 250 accounts, and make 250 million dollars in sales each month. Less cost of $ 30 dollars you are still $ 220 every month to resell web hosting plan.

Moreover, with hostgator reseller hosting, you can resell domain name for profit too. It’s when you can have a replacement income for your project hosting reseller. And not only that, to integrate into the referencing service for your customers and charge for your service, you make another $ 20 per account and is leaving a lot of money when hundreds of customers enrolled your seo service. Also provide web design service, or service installation site installation for a small fee. Well, there are many business opportunities opened up by reselling web hosting, you interact with your web hosting customers.

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