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Hostgator affiliate payments slow & delayed?

Are you a subsidiary hostgator affiliate? Hostgator Promotion accommodation and get paid for referred sales success. This is a hostgator affiliate review blog, and of course its coverage of the review of hostgator affiliate program too. We had witnessed the growth of hostgator affiliate program for the past 3 years. Its big news by announcing a $ 400k hostgator monthly cash payment of affiliation. However, for this November and December, we doubt the figure is much lower and falling. Is this your affiliation payments hostgator slow or delay? It had been stop a discussion on this issue in a web forum and other forum hostgator hosting as well.

1. Hostgator Affiliate payment delays and slow for this December 2009: Questions?
Answer: Be patient, a subsidiary hostgator are planned for early this month, could take several days to process.
2. Question: Hostgator affiliate conversion rate is poor? How many sales were paid?
Answer: Unfortunately, it’s true. Do not expect 90% or 80% or 70% success rate. Hostgator Affiliate perform lower than that!
3. Question: Does Hostgator allow affiliate PPC advertising with Google AdWords, for example?
Answer: Yes you can, but you can not bid for the keyword phrase containing “hostgator” or “gator host”, etc.


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