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Hostgator Domain is Not an ordinary domain name

Hostgator domain name registration is becoming less expensive and some registrar offering wholesale price of $ 6.50 or less. Some registrar sells for $ 15 or more. If you think it’s the same thing, think again.

Same as you, I always look for the registration of domain name cheaper and try to do as much saving as I could. I search through the web, and found five to six domain registrars and compare each to the best price and finally the only sign of them.

If you own an area of the budget, go ahead and continue to do so. As I getting deeper into the fact behind the registration area, I began to realize that there are different between them. And now, I’ll compare the features and price.

Hostgator domain name that is selling at lower prices are generally using the domain name servers only. Even they are giving you two nameservers for the domain. The primary name server and secondary name server. And the two servers are probably situated in the same datacenter, and that’s it. all sale a few hundred hostgator domain name, and is done to these two servers. Can you imagine the load when you meet the 500,000 domain names on them?

When quality become the main concern, you’ll need to find the domain registrar to DNS in several different place. Yes, there is such a solution. For example hostgator domain name sells for $ 15 per year, and they are using multiple DNS servers and redundant group located a few places. It’s like having remote backup for your domain name as well.

When you have redundant backup facilities like this, your downtime will be minimal. And easily goes beyond industry standards. Now, think again when you look at the domain name for $ 1.

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