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Hostgator email boxtrapper and spamassassin

Receive many unsolicited hostgator email spamming? Its waste of time reading the spam that enter your mailbox. A survey shows that up to 20% of online time is wasted by spam mails. If you are an employer, you certainly do not want that to happen within your organization and allow your employees to waste their time on controlling spam too!

Now you can enable email filtering feature to block annoying spam from entering your mailbox. From hostgator cpanel and section mail manager, you will find two very useful tools; boxtrapper and spamassassin.

Spamtrap Hostgator Boxtrapper
BoxTrapper protects your inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to an hostagtor email verifcation before sending an email to you.

Spam Assassin Hostgator
SpamAssassin is an automated mail filter that uses a wide range of heuristic algorithms on email headers and message bodies to identify “spam” (unsolicited email). SpamAssassin is designed to identify and mark emails that score beyond your threshold value. A score of SpamAssassin mail is the sum of the values given to certain characteristics of known spam.

Activating boxtrapper hostgator spam or assassin, or both, you can block most spam from entering your mailbox. Its an effective way to block spam, I use it to my mailbox as well. And well. In my conclusion, I managed to reduce spam by 10 to 15 spam spam at 0-1 times in a few days.

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