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Hostgator email setting & email login

In the last section hostgator review, we look to hostgator shared hosting accounts that come with unlimited email and you can add unlimited email accounts from their cpanel. Also, we look into the setting that you can make when creating a new e-mail and access it from webmail later.

Not only access webmail you can access your new email account from any email client software is not limited to Outlook 2007, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or others. You can access your mail account via iPhone, HTC, smartphone or other mobile devices too.

Choose your favorite email client software and connect to your hostgator email account hostgator. You’ll need to configure the incoming mail server and port number for receiving incoming emails. Set the port number of the outgoing hostgator email server and outgoing emails to send. You can use the port default mail hostgator, the port set to 110 incoming POP3 and Outgoing Mail SMTP port set to 25. Another parameter of the e-mail client is standard, you can choose the method of verifying electronic connection. It is secure email https login possible for the e-mail too. for us we prefer Outlook Express to access email, download all e-mails on the local computer and delete the copy on the server, you can choose to leave a copy on the server too. Hostgator setting outlook hostgator email is easy, putting the above are necessary to get you started.

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