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Hostgator Web Hosting CPU usage quota and limits

Lately, he’s a friend asking me what the limit of hostgator CPU usage for hosting, and also how many simultaneous connection database mysql allowed. A quick search on the internet can not find me all the information to help answer it. After some research and confirmation was made:

* Hostgator allow maximum of 25 mysql connection simultaneously. If you have 5 domains, and his 25 against each area, and the total of 125 connections.
* Hostgator allow maximum limit CPU usage by 25%.

25 simultaneous connections mysql is a lot. Basically, a forum with 300-400 active members, would only reach 25 simultaneous users in this regard after a certain time. Basically, choose to host forum script optimized. I highly recommend vbulletion forum, instead of phpBB, IPB, SMF or council.

For CPU usage, its rare that you press the CPU utilization of 25%. Unless your site is script and require a more logical or another word processor intensive. Another question concerns the site download flash, you hit this quota. Very unlikely, because the file is downloaded flash in the browser of the user and play from your browser. Making use of this bandwidth only.

However, when you click the hostgator CPU usage quota or when you reach the limit of use. There is always something to run around. The most often suggested is to disable the tips that come with your Awstat cpanel. Note that the monitoring tools and other Awstat used to leave a number of CPUs and the MySQL connection. By disabling this, you win more resources for employment.

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