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Hostgator website traffic logging with awstats and webalizer

Do you know how much traffic your web site to receive daily? It is important to understand how much web traffic your website has, and let your marketing effort and paid listing! If you want to know more about web traffic and web traffic analysis, you’ll need to visit web traffic logs awstats or webalizer from hostgator cpanel control panel.

From our Web traffic hostgator awstats logging and statistics, we learn that you have received about 500 page views daily. And with the total bandwidth of 5 GB per month and growing steadily. We learn that most of our visitors come from USA and Canada, and they are mostly using the web browser Firefox and IE, and we also learn from the Web page where they from and what search keywords they used to find this site

When we look at this baby hostgator hosting plan, we knew that we receive over 500 pages viewed each day, and the site is still able to perform normally when the server’s response acceptable. All these figures are obtained via the website traffic and logging in hostgator cpanel awstats and Webalizer tools.

Hostgator hosting tools are much freer and tools you can use to improve your site. Besides that, hostgator is our first choice for cpanel hosting and they are the best in all aspects, including the quality of the server, service availability, server performance and best quality of customer service also .

Finding a web hosting company takes too long. StarDotHosting is a reliable and dedicated alternative to some of the larger companies out there.

Awstats and webalizer are handy tools to use for traffic monitoring. Usage of these stats can increase computing power needed for each visit of the website. So if you wishh to decrease load on your webserver, you may try disabling webalizer and awstats or similar stats software. What is the Best Website Hosting out there? Its hard to say, it depends on what you need, what are your requirements on disk space, physical geo location of datacenter, uptime, and support.

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