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How to create addon domain name in hostgator cpanel

Addon domain name is a feature offered by cPanel that allow you to add the domain to your hosting account, and create a storage domain to host the site online. It allow you to host multiple websites, with domain of second tier and many other activities alongside the main domain name.

When you sign up for hostgator hosting, your new hosting account is created with a primary domain name and the domain is located in the directory “public_html /”.

When you want to add the addon hostgator domain to your account, you must ensure that the domain DNS DNS already point to hostgator to process and use the cpanel addon domain to create new addon domain. When you make a new storage hostgator domain or directory is being created under the “public_html / folder.”

For example, you name your domain addon “domain1” … the hive is located in the “public_html/domain1 /” … FTP upload your files addon domain here, this is storage for domain1. Domain1 and it will be online as individual Web site.

Above is how you create the hostgator domain name in cPanel addon hostgator is generally the same in all cpanel hosting plan. Hostgator $ 4.95 Hosting does not permit addon hostgator domain, you will need to plan baby go, visit hostgator hosting for more details!.

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