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Secure wordpress blog site with security plugins

Are you running a hostgator wordpress blog and recent experience hacking the site or unauthorized access to your wp admin area? Your security is compromised web hosting,hostgator blog wordpress installation is not done right, and your scripts are not updated … there are many possibilities that lead to this hacking wordpress. To ensure your wordpress blog site is guaranteed for all time, here’s what you should do.

1. Get a secure website hosting to ensure your Web server account is fully protected against hacker attack or brute force.
2. Fantastico cpanel install wordpress blog fom or via installation script provided other.
3. Use username and password to secure your wordpress blog admin access.
4. Keep your wordpress blog automatically updated on the new version.
5. Keep your wordpress plugins updated from time to time check on the plugin notice and update them if necessary.
6. Install WordPress plugin security, that the inclusion of “WP Security Scan” and “Secure WordPress plugin.

Hostgator web hosting is a secure hosting site for wordpress blog, you can host your blog at wordpress hostgator shared hosting safely. Hostgator hosting is now $ 4.95 a month, but the coupon will hostgator offers prices much lower than that.

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