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Thousand of email sending from shared web hosting

How to send thousands of messages of shared hosting, as there is always a limit for sending mail found on the shared hosting plan. Commonly shared web hosting, you will find the limit set by electronic mail to e-mail a few hundred per hour, for example, are limited to sending emails hostgator hosting is set at 200 per hour. If you use PHP scripts to send e-mail to customers, sending newsletters, etc., or respond to a request by mail, hostgator email limit will come into your way.

Some web hosting company allows their clients to apply upper limit, for example, you can increase your limit of 200 e-mail to 500 emails per hour, with their support and inform them of your need. Generally this solve most of your electronic prescribing problem. Otherwise, if you still need more limits than that, the easiest way is to go virtual private server hosting, a VPS hosting plan. Hostgator VPS hosting no hostgator email sending limits, you want to send to any limitation on the volume of outgoing mail.

If you are an opportunity to reach the limit when you send email marketing hostgator email by sending emails to find in your mailing list, there is a solution for that too. You can find a mailing list manager to manage your subscription user. cron job setup for php sending outbound email, you can schedule it to run every hour and sending 200 emails per hour.

Another solution is to use third party mailing list manager programs that come with sending email functionality. Certain expenses of each month and you can have access to their streaming server to broadcast large volume of emails short period of time.

Back to the topic, offering email hosting hostgator sending high limits, their VPS hosting is unlimited. Take a look at hostgator hosting plan, 20% discount at the moment when you use our coupon code hostgator.

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