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Want to know what is the hostgator MySQL database query limit?

As we already know, the size of database hostgator is not limited number of file size per database. Your hosting plan may have hostgator MySQL database can be in any size, 1 MB, 100 MB or more … as there is enough disk space on your cPanel account to host the file size. If you’re on about hostgator hosting is handling request size mysql database and you want to know what is the limit … the better question to ask is how many simultaneous connection to MySQL database is to allow your hostgator hosting. As we have learned, each of your cPanel account lets you run 25 Connecting MySQL database simultaneously. Usually a PHP script that perform sequence MySQL queries will complete the application in the second and close the database connection, regardless of the number of requests per connection, his account for a database connection only. The chance of having 25 simultaneous connections mysql database to a point in your cPanel account is very low. Unless you use a website with thousands of users online simultaneously, for example.

In addition, the server mysql hostgator expire in 15 to 30 seconds of inactivity. Significance of the connection database mysql will be terminated if there is no activity by scritps php for example. This help find and free the resource database server.

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