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What is unlimited domain hosting means?

It is very common to see “unlimited domain hosting” in the device shared web hosting. What exactly is domain hosting unlimited really mean? Sentense of us know that its “unlimited” + “domains”. And it’s a hosting plan that allow you to host unlimited domain names webhosting single account. But how can you host name is an unlimited domain hosting account, we must limit this right? Well, php web hosting are usually in offering cPanel, vdeck or control panel h-sphere, and the control panel lets you add new domain name on your account, and host the new domain name your web hosting space itself.

Adding new domain name in your existing hosting account! You are now a new website in your web hosting plan. Well, let’s say you start with one domain / website, eg here FIRSTWEBSITE.COM. Once you add new domain name for cpanel, you are given a new subdirectory and that is where you upload your webfiles to your second site, say SECONDWEBSITE.COM. Now the beauty is that FIRSTWEBSITE.COM & SECONDWEBSITE.COM are two independent websites, each with own www. and each with own web space and operate independently as a Web site full features. You can add more to your site domain unlimited hosting plan, regardless of 10 sites or 100 or 500 websites, there is no limit in it when you register with unlimited domain hosting plan.

This hostgator domain name is not addon subdomain or domain parked, not to be confused with it. Subdomain is like “” … He remains under the first site / domain, and you do not have independent domain name. Now you know the addon domain are full website functionality, and is an independent web site. You can host a website for your new addon hostgator domain, be it a blog, personal website, photo gallery, auction site or forum or even an e-commerce site.

Hostgator plan of newborns is $ 4.95 for a single domain hosting, and you can host a website alone. Only $ 7.95 hostgator baby plan allows unlimited domain hosting and you can host as many websites as you like. There are many other top web hosting companies offer web hosting unlimited hostgator domain, such as Bluehost, Hostmonster, FatCow, ix web hosting, JustHost, and many others. It is very common to have multiple hosting sites in single web hosting account.

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